FastShell, fiercely quick front-end boilerplate and workflows

FastShell Nightly build, inspired by FireShell

The opinionated FastShell framework. Built for the modern developer. For teams and the individual, encouraging a better workflow. JavaScript task running, build processes, autominification and file concatenation, wrapped with an enhanced HTML5 boilerplated framework.

HTML5 Boilerplated

A cutting edge take on the HTML5 boilerplate with some HTML5 semantics and WAI-ARIA roles for baseline semantic markup and web accessibility.

Sass OOCSS setup

CSS structure for small projects and scaling big, a fantastic setup to get your Object-Orientated CSS scaling. Ships with fully adaptive folder hierarchies.


Compiling Sass/SCSS, concatenating JavaScript files, connecting to a localhost server and live file reloads and injection. Auto-minification for production.

Top Features

  • HTML5 framework, WAI-ARIA roles and HTML5 semantics
  • Baseline HTML5 features, DNS prefetching, responsive meta
  • Encourages one-file CSS/JS in the view (HTML) for performance
  • Includes jQuery CDN and relative fallback
  • Includes Modernizr and HTML5 Shiv
  • Includes normalize.css
  • Google Universal Analytics snippet
  • Open source workflow with Gulpjs running on Node.js
  • Automatic Gulp dependency installation, directory relocation and gulp tasks
  • Dynamically appended copyright for JS/CSS
  • Livereloading the browser and file injection upon changes with BrowserSync
  • Annotated Gulpfile.js for extending
  • Built-in build script for auto-minification of CSS and JavaScript files for production
  • Pre-setup Sass/SCSS files and folders for baseline project structure and imports
  • Includes .editorconfig for consistent coding styles in IDEs
  • Standard .gitignore to ignore minified files and standard ignorables such as .DS_Store
  • JSHint .jshintrc file for configuring JavaScript linting
  • No superfluous code comments